SCF Lands @ H•K

  The newest band to grace the humble roster of H•K Records is none other than Silver Creek Folk. SCF is a 5 piece rock band from Silver Creek Ontario, consisting of Ben Hannah, Kyle Hannah, Jordan MacKinnon, Collette Andrea, and Steve Baker (familiar names when it comes to H•K studio and its appendages). whitespace “We have a good time, and our music reflects that” says Ben, “it’s Rock n Roll, you live it, and the music writes itself”. The band has been busy playing shows all over Ontario spreading “truth” one show at a time. “We are just, letting people know that it’s okay to have a good time…..and we do, so I think that is part of the reason why we get such a great response” mentions Kyle. “There is just a great vibe in the band, you know?” adds Collette, when asked what was next for SCF  Steve Baker replied “for The Folk? You never know, we are just going to keep moving forward”. whitespace The band has finished their debut EP which is set to be released on December 11th 2015 at Hard Luck bar in Toronto. They plan on following up with  a small tour to promote the release of the new record. “Good tunes, and a good time” is how Jordan Mackinnon responded when asked how he would describe the band, “Just check it out” he adds. Look out for SCF in a town near you, and check back here in December for the release of their debut record.whitespaceUntil then enjoy this small video of SCF @ the legendary Bovine in Toronto, and remember that ‘Folk’ just means people.