Music Lessons

The Rates:

  • $50 per hour
  • $30 per half hour

Instruments We Teach:

  • Guitar (Electric & Acoustic)
  • Bass (Electric & Acoustic)
  • Music Production/Recording
  • Keyboard/Piano
  • Drums
  • Vocal
  • Sitar

The Details:

We are offering a unique new musical teaching method that is taught by professional musicians in a recording studio setting. Our state of the art facility, and expertise has allowed us to construct the most interactive and measurable learning system available.  We follow the philosophy of “Learn to play music first. Then learn to read.” If this interests you contact us now and see how easy it is to learn to play. H•K Studio We offer a unique service by combining the facility of a professional recording studio and access to professional musicians who are currently active in the industry, and know how to deliver the course content in a measurable, fun, and interactive way. You are in a music creation paradise with access to over 50 different instruments, and  a recording facility. We teach music by showing the relationships between styles and players, recording progress, and finding the best way to deliver the lesson to each student’s specific needs. It’s fun and practical to learn music the right way. Learn to play the H•K way. Contact Us and see how much better music can be. For any age, for any experience. Come in for a free consultation. H•K instruments