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H•K Matcha is like no other, a rich combination of taste and nutritional value, there’s a reason it comes dressed in black.

Getting Started – Some simple instructions and tips on how to optimally prepare your H•K Matcha Tea

MIX grade vs. MASTER grade – Both grades of Matcha deliver the same astounding health benefits, however they do vary in consistency, taste, smell and colour.

The H•K MASTER grade Matcha is our best grade of Matcha tea. We sampled many, many kilograms of Matcha throughout the orient and found this to be the top selection (in a variety of categories). The H•K MASTER grade Matcha has a sweeter flavour and a vibrant green colour, and a fantastic aroma. The top developing leaves of the plant (camellia sinensis) are used for this grade of Matcha. It is also grown out of direct sunlight,  to help create supple leaves that can be ground up very fine, which aid in the mixing process of your tea. H•K MASTER grade Matcha is fantastic option for drinking it in Matcha tea, or Matcha lemonade on a warm day!

The H•K Organic MIX grade Matcha is our organic matcha better suited for mixing into smoothies or adding it to baked goods & other recipes. The MIX grade Matcha is not as sweet and  has a more bitter taste to it. The Matcha carries less aroma and colour, ground from mature leaves that were grown in direct sunlight. Organic mix grade also makes a great tea and packs a tiny bit more of an antioxidant punch due to the maturity of the leaves.

H•K Matcha

Health – Matcha is unparalleled in health benefits, a fat burning, cancer fighting, mind calming powerhouse.

Fat burning– The nutritional benefit of 1 cup of matcha is equivalent to 10 cups of green tea. Matcha increases thermogenesis in the body (the rate at which you burn fat) is full of fiber and chlorophyl (detoxifier)  and safely boosts your metabolism. Research suggests that you can burn up to 4 times the amount of calories in a day when consuming matcha regularly (aim for a minimum of 3 cups a day) on top of all of that it’s a great Energy booster. Get fit, sustain energy. H•K Everyday.

*We suggest consuming 1 serving of Matcha prior to any type of exercise to enhance your workout & burn more calories

Cancer Fighting– The anti-oxidant superhero. Matcha is the toughest cancer fighter out there with its unique brand of antioxidant known as catechins (EGCG) these specific catechins are great cancer fighters and counter act free radicals in the body. Matcha protects you from the inside out.

Anit-Oxidant Matcha

Mind Calming- This ancient drink dates back many centuries, being used by Zen monks. Matcha is loaded with the rare amino acid L-Theanine, which has been shown to reduce mental & physical stress, boost mood & cognitive performance. A great way to still the mind. Focus. The Way of Zen.

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    H•K Matcha Yin Yang
19 Feb, 2018

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