Listen to Silver Creek Folk (SCF) EP1 right now for FREE!

That’s Right! You read that correctly.

You can listen to the first installment of SCF right now for free on soundcloud.

The Halton Rock Group SCF (Silver Creek Folk) have made it available for listening and streaming on sound cloud. EP1 contains 5 original tunes that you may have already heard live at our shows. However, you may be pleasantly surprised at how these same tunes turn out when mixed down from the studio sessions.

Sure the SCF live show is caked with energy and keeps your bouncing and singing along the entire time. It’s also true that you cannot escape the beautiful immersion of sound that washes over you when you’re right there in person. But I say strap on your best headphones or blast this EP through your biggest baddest speakers and see how subtle and intricate SCF can be in the studio. Silver Creek Folk’s EP1 is packed with repeat listening material. I am sure you will hear new exciting things you missed on your first couple of listens. Sit down in a dark room, close your eyes and use your favorite headphones and you may find yourself on a different world, each constructed and orchestrated by the current track you are listening to.