Collette Andrea’s Debut – Give Me All Your Lovin’

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It was  just under 3 years ago that we opened the doors to H•K Studio, the first person to walk through the door was none other then the immensely talented Collette Andrea. Someone who I had known as a rather cool musician in high school, and who had been floating around the H•K radar before we officially became a studio. As soon as Collette came in I think we were both shocked to see each other, it had been a couple years, but that isn’t the point. We asked her to show us an original song, and from the moment she strummed the first note to a song called ‘When The Sun Goes Down’, we knew that she had something. After that day we embarked on a journey, cutting demo after demo, shooting guerilla style videos anywhere we could, rooftops, abandoned farms, in the studio, on the subway.. just to get some content around Collette.  After the release of a few videos we released the ‘Luna EP’ a simple demo of some of the basement tapes we had compiled, simply gracing Collette and her guitar (with maybe a sprinkle of tambourine here or there). After she had been established as a musician she took time to perform live throughout Toronto and the GTA, until it was finally time to record a professional debut. Collette had & has a plethora of amazing songs, and her style was shifting from independent folk to full fledged blues. We picked 5 tracks and took off with it. This time backing up Collette with a little bit of electricity, and some pounding rhythm. We spent a good amount of time in the studio, trying different songs, different takes, different ideas & instruments, until we were able to flush out what is being released today the ‘Steady Sun EP’ which is a record that I love, I mean I’ve heard it hundreds of times and I still love it. It graces some of Collettes classic acoustic style, and some heavy tracks that I’ve never really heard from a female artist. This was fusion of artist and H•K at its best, Collette wrote the tunes and we backed her up as the band, and I must say there isn’t anything better then being able to play freely on great songs, and for that I am grateful (dead). So to wrap up this post I will leave you with the track that got this whole thing started (When The Sun Goes Down), her debut acoustic single ‘Song About Spring’ and we are also going to slip the opener of the album Collette Andrea’s full band debut ‘Give Me All Your Lovin’ exclusively into this post (do not tell her, this is exclusive to y’all and download it for free!)
Off of Collette’s Debut EP – ‘Song About Spring’:
‘When The Sun Goes Down’:
Shout out to Kevin Farmer the drummer who always helps us out and kills it on every album he’s on!
Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Bass- Collette Andrea
Electric Guitar/Sitar/Keys/Soundscapes- H•K (Ben Hannah, Kyle Hannah, Jordan Mackinnon)
Drums- Kevin Farmer
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