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Sir Behringer and the Crystal Bowl – S01E01 – “Knock, Knock!”

Sir Behringer & the Crystal Bowl
Hey Everyone, this is the audio tale of: Sir Behringer and the Crystal Bowl. S01E01 – “Knock, Knock!”   Us three at Hannahkin have made this in our spare time and now want to share it with the world. Enjoy our voice acting and special audio effects and prepare yourself for an original audio tale of epic proportions. Dogecoin Donation Address: D7SUoAcgi33DqTqJwcxVbK7H53gjqZLRYw Here is the link to download: Sir Behringer and the Crystal Bowl – S01E01 – “Knock, Knock!”    Or use sound cloud to listen here:  

102 Days by Michelle Cormier

Michelle Cormier - 102 Days
Over the past months we have been very busy working with various artist to prepare, record, and release their debut albums. Michelle Cormier has been working with us over the past year and we are on the brink of releasing her debut album. Here we have a sneak peak, the first single, entitled 102 Days, the album isn’t due out until Dec. 5th so keep this quiet!       H•K