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102 Days by Michelle Cormier

Michelle Cormier - 102 Days
Over the past months we have been very busy working with various artist to prepare, record, and release their debut albums. Michelle Cormier has been working with us over the past year and we are on the brink of releasing her debut album. Here we have a sneak peak, the first single, entitled 102 Days, the album isn’t due out until Dec. 5th so keep this quiet!       H•K

A Song For Halloween ‘Alone’



  It has been quite a while since I had the opportunity to swing by H•K Studio & get a look (listen) at what had been happening over the past few months. It was great to see the fella’s again, & to see how the studio had evolved.  Seems like every time I go there, there are at least 5 more instruments & some new piece of recording gear, but I feel like that is in the nature of these musicians. They were currently working on some projects that I have been excited about for a long time, but we will talk about those in later issues of Inside Independent.  They showed me a project that they had been working on for months, it was a 9 track album, composed entirely by a young man named Jordan May who was still in high school. Amazing!  The compositions were rock solid, the arrangements were great, & the musicianship was utterly enjoyable.  Some tracks were intense, fast, & brought to mind the likes of Dream Theatre, while others were cool jazz, ballads, & delightful instrumentals. But then we ran into one song that was entitled ‘Alone’, an 8-minute epic.     The song brought more imagery to mind than a Rorschach blot; dark, eerie, and powerful. It was like nothing I had ever heard before, almost like an entire stage play happening in the center of my mind, the imagery was fantastic. This track had it all, great dynamics, perfect story progression, & some really great musical moments. It is a song I think everyone should check out & just let his or her imaginations run wild. So I spoke with the guys @ H•K  & we all agreed this is the perfect track to share with you on Halloween. Here it is Alone by Jordan May off of his debut album ‘Stress Fracture’ if you would like to get a copy of the song or of the album contact to get further detail. This has been another issue of Inside Independent this is Dale Porter saying, enjoy the song & Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween

‘Appy ‘Alloween


A Peek Inside H•K Studio

People often wonder what it’s like to come record with us. Our friends have painted some pretty funny pictures of what they imagine goes on. Truth is you can see for yourself how a session with an artists goes. Michelle Cormier recorded a cover of Get Your Shine On by Florida Georgia Line. Take a watch through the whole video and it will give you an idea of how a day usually goes with us. Also, support Michelle and give her a thumbs up and share! All your help will make the difference in gaining attention for independent artists.

Collette Andrea @ St. Albans

Last week we had the final bed track session for Collette Andrea’s debut EP. We were tracking a song that showcased Collette’s ability to really fill up a sound scape with her guitar and vocals, so we knew we had to record it in an awesome space. After many conversations about all of the options, this small stone church in the quaint hamlet of Glen Williams kept strumming a certain chord with us. So we set off to meet with the church overseers. After touring the church, and meeting with the officials we were granted access and booked a recording date. When we arrived the Hannah•Kin crew set up all of our recording gear and tested the room, once we found the desired placement for Collette and the Microphones, we prepped for recording. Prior to recording we took what is called an IR sample of the room; basically an audio snap shop of the church. This allows us to model the reverb of that room when mixing (technology….). We recorded for the next 2 hours, getting as many solid takes in as we could. It turns out birds nest in the tree right next to the roof and they seemed to always pipe up at the same point in the song…..lets see if we can hear it on the album. Besides the back up singers (the birds) the room sounded great, and the recordings were amazing. Check out some of the photo’s of this amazing space, St. Albans is over 100 years old, and it is one beautiful building…..I hope to play the pipe organ the next time we record there. Anyway look out for Collette Andrea’s debut, support your Toronto indie artists it’s going to be a great album. And keep your stern pointed north as we will be keeping you posted with all of the cool and fun things we’ve got going on at H•K. Later Cats.     Gear Used: Apogee Symphony, Hannah•Kin Custom Rig, Advanced Audio CM47, 2 Rode NT1000, Martin D15 Acoustic