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SCF Lands @ H•K

  The newest band to grace the humble roster of H•K Records is none other than Silver Creek Folk. SCF is a 5 piece rock band from Silver Creek Ontario, consisting of Ben Hannah, Kyle Hannah, Jordan MacKinnon, Collette Andrea, and Steve Baker (familiar names when it comes to H•K studio and its appendages). whitespace “We have a good time, and our music reflects that” says Ben, “it’s Rock n Roll, you live it, and the music writes itself”. The band has been busy playing shows all over Ontario spreading “truth” one show at a time. “We are just, letting people know that it’s okay to have a good time…..and we do, so I think that is part of the reason why we get such a great response” mentions Kyle. “There is just a great vibe in the band, you know?” adds Collette, when asked what was next for SCF  Steve Baker replied “for The Folk? You never know, we are just going to keep moving forward”. whitespace The band has finished their debut EP which is set to be released on December 11th 2015 at Hard Luck bar in Toronto. They plan on following up with  a small tour to promote the release of the new record. “Good tunes, and a good time” is how Jordan Mackinnon responded when asked how he would describe the band, “Just check it out” he adds. Look out for SCF in a town near you, and check back here in December for the release of their debut record.whitespaceUntil then enjoy this small video of SCF @ the legendary Bovine in Toronto, and remember that ‘Folk’ just means people.

Announcing H•K Records

We have finally launched H•K Records. A humble but colourful indie label based right here at H•K studio. Rock ‘n’ Roll, Pop Punk, Folk, hip hop etc. there is no specific genre, or sound that compiles a central focus,we simply want to work with bands that we like, and bands that are active.  If you want to submit your music for consideration please send your link to: (links only please). If you would like to record a demo/book a consult please email:  

The Artists:


Collette Andrea’s Debut – Give Me All Your Lovin’

trails, hike, collette, andrea, mountains, hk
••• Click HERE to listen and buy the full EP •••
It was  just under 3 years ago that we opened the doors to H•K Studio, the first person to walk through the door was none other then the immensely talented Collette Andrea. Someone who I had known as a rather cool musician in high school, and who had been floating around the H•K radar before we officially became a studio. As soon as Collette came in I think we were both shocked to see each other, it had been a couple years, but that isn’t the point. We asked her to show us an original song, and from the moment she strummed the first note to a song called ‘When The Sun Goes Down’, we knew that she had something. After that day we embarked on a journey, cutting demo after demo, shooting guerilla style videos anywhere we could, rooftops, abandoned farms, in the studio, on the subway.. just to get some content around Collette.  After the release of a few videos we released the ‘Luna EP’ a simple demo of some of the basement tapes we had compiled, simply gracing Collette and her guitar (with maybe a sprinkle of tambourine here or there). After she had been established as a musician she took time to perform live throughout Toronto and the GTA, until it was finally time to record a professional debut. Collette had & has a plethora of amazing songs, and her style was shifting from independent folk to full fledged blues. We picked 5 tracks and took off with it. This time backing up Collette with a little bit of electricity, and some pounding rhythm. We spent a good amount of time in the studio, trying different songs, different takes, different ideas & instruments, until we were able to flush out what is being released today the ‘Steady Sun EP’ which is a record that I love, I mean I’ve heard it hundreds of times and I still love it. It graces some of Collettes classic acoustic style, and some heavy tracks that I’ve never really heard from a female artist. This was fusion of artist and H•K at its best, Collette wrote the tunes and we backed her up as the band, and I must say there isn’t anything better then being able to play freely on great songs, and for that I am grateful (dead). So to wrap up this post I will leave you with the track that got this whole thing started (When The Sun Goes Down), her debut acoustic single ‘Song About Spring’ and we are also going to slip the opener of the album Collette Andrea’s full band debut ‘Give Me All Your Lovin’ exclusively into this post (do not tell her, this is exclusive to y’all and download it for free!)
Off of Collette’s Debut EP – ‘Song About Spring’:
‘When The Sun Goes Down’:
Shout out to Kevin Farmer the drummer who always helps us out and kills it on every album he’s on!
Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Bass- Collette Andrea
Electric Guitar/Sitar/Keys/Soundscapes- H•K (Ben Hannah, Kyle Hannah, Jordan Mackinnon)
Drums- Kevin Farmer
trails, hike, collette, andrea, mountains, hk

Sir Behringer and the Crystal Bowl – S01E01 – “Knock, Knock!”

Sir Behringer & the Crystal Bowl
Hey Everyone, this is the audio tale of: Sir Behringer and the Crystal Bowl. S01E01 – “Knock, Knock!”   Us three at Hannahkin have made this in our spare time and now want to share it with the world. Enjoy our voice acting and special audio effects and prepare yourself for an original audio tale of epic proportions. Dogecoin Donation Address: D7SUoAcgi33DqTqJwcxVbK7H53gjqZLRYw Here is the link to download: Sir Behringer and the Crystal Bowl – S01E01 – “Knock, Knock!”    Or use sound cloud to listen here:  

Inside Indie Vol. 4

Last month we completed Michelle Cormier’s debut album

our friend from Inside Indie wrote a review & we’ve attached a track:

Inside Indie-pendent

Vol. IV

Michelle Cormier 102 Days

Bringing it on back home.

Last month I received a call from the guys over at Hannah•Kin Studio, if any of the previous publications of Inside Independent have reached you then you already know how most of these encounters go.  They had recently completed an album that I had been hearing about over the past few months, and instead of going over for a merry chat & perhaps a listen, I found myself on my way to the album release party. Now I’m not sure who if any of the readers have spent much time with the fellas over at H•K, but I assure you it’s something one must prepare for…(In other words they like to have fun).  After a small meeting at the studio, we embarked to The Club At North Halton, a local golf & country club, where Michelle Cormier’s album was to be released and a celebration to be had. I don’t think anyone was really expecting the crowd that we walked into, I mean there were probably over 100 people there, many of them dressed up and looking pretty sharp, and then in we walk, this motley crew of odd looking, long haired fellows who, while leaving a trail of eyes, happen to sit at the most predominant table in the room (I felt like we were under some sort of examination as if we were alien). Once we settled in to our new scene, the lovely Michelle came by to say hello to the crew whom she had just climbed a mountain with (albums are a long, tough thing to create). After a quick chat, and some motions between the people who were helping conduct the evening, it was time to throw on the album in preparation for Michelle’s live performance. So lets get to the point just like this album does, Whoa! The sound was so full, filled out, defined, & clear, it was really a well-produced record. It kicks off with some nicely strummed chords and then blooms into a finely assembled story, I mean this album had lyrical imagery, beautiful melodies, & a rhythm section that could hold up the foundation of a house, the musicianship was great, the album flowed nicely, and the songs were well written. It truly had it all, a couple of pop songs, a piano ballad, something to dance to & some good old rock n roll! I almost want to start to put Michelle under the Southern Rock umbrella, but I think we can coin the term Alternative Country.  I honestly loved the record, and it definitely went above and beyond my expectation  (in the sense that I thought the record was mostly going to be comprised of acoustic guitar & vocals).  
Michelle Cormier 102 Days

Michelle Cormier

    After the album played through,  & the photos were taken, & the hello’s hello’d it was time for Michelle to take the stage and perform some of the tracks she had been working on.  Michelle who at first you could tell was slightly overwhelmed (probably due to the packed room, that no one was ready for) did a great job of performing her tracks, as well as taking the crowed through some of the thoughts, feelings, and stories of the songs. The performance showed that Michelle could hold a crowd’s attention with just herself and a guitar. While she was performing a slower song entitled ‘Pictures Of You’ I thought that perhaps the entire room was going to start crying (It could have just been me about to cry though..).  The performance rapped up with the song ‘Runaway Maybe’ which appears as a bonus track on the album as it was recorded well before the rest of the album.  After a successful release, beautiful performance, & a fun evening there was really only one thing left to do….have an even better night.  Now this is where I could taper off the tale and keep things professional but you know what the night’s events were fun & funny. After the performance the H•K Crew & Michelle’s crew quickly got comfortable at the bar that was at The Club. After about an hour and half of celebratory toasts, congratulatory shots, and down right cruel punishments such as ‘Prairie Fires’ & Jameson’s it was time to reach our next destination…the local pub. We reached the bar a little later in the evening where of course the whole crew continued to drink, smile, chant, & dance. After rocking the bar for a little while the decision was made to bring it all back to H•K. As we were about to leave the bar, it had been brought to our attention that someone had exposed Michelle as a musician, and she was now being pulled on stage and being asked to perform.  I tell you by this point in the night it was a real treat to see. Michelle swanked & swayed, & sang her heart out up there, it was a good performance, a lot of fun for everybody, and certainly unexpected for Michelle. I realize that this album review has more of tale around it then usual, but that’s because there was more of a tale around it then usual haha…to sum it up the epic tale all ended at about 4:30 am. No one heard from each other for a while the next day…& I think it was well deserved. But let me bring this back to the album, the whole reason this event happened, the whole reason for this big celebration, and wild chain of occurrences was because of Michelle Cormier’s debut album 102 Days. My recommendation is to get a hold of this album and listen to it. It’s a nice quick listen, with lots of goodies for every type of listener. Michelle has a sound to her, I can’t tell you what it is, it’s just something you’ll have to experience on your own. Michelle Cormier 102 Days. Get It! This has been another issue of Inside Indie-pendent.  Dale Porter signing off.

Key Tracks- Never Going To Know, 102 Days.

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