• Collette Andrea's Debut - Give Me All Your Lovin'

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    It was  just under 3 years ago that we opened the doors to H•K Studio, the first person to walk through the door was none other then the immensely talented Collette Andrea . Someone who I had known as a rather cool musician in high school, and who had been floating around the H•K radar before we officially became a
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  • Inside Indie Vol. 4

    Last month we completed Michelle Cormier's debut album

    our friend from Inside Indie wrote a review & we've attached a track:

    Inside Indie-pendent

    Vol. IV

    Michelle Cormier 102 Days

    Bringing it on back home.

    Last month I received a call from the guys over at Hannah•Kin Studio, if any of the previous publications of Inside Independent have reached you then you already know how most of these encounters go.  They
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  • A Peek Inside H•K Studio

    People often wonder what it's like to come record with us. Our friends have painted some pretty funny pictures of what they imagine goes on. Truth is you can see for yourself how a session with an artists goes. Michelle Cormier recorded a cover of Get Your  Shine On by Florida Georgia Line. Take a watch through the whole video and it will give you an idea of how a Read More
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